In honor of the release of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming shared how the studio came up with the idea of ??samurai action in medieval Japan. According to gaming portal Hermit Gamer, Sucker Punch has been inFamous for nine years and has released three big games and two small games in the series. The studio wanted to move away from Bad Reputation and tackle a completely new project. The gameplay basis was decided pretty quickly: Sucker Punch wanted to create an open world with close combat. But what kind of entourage to choose? The developers considered many options: something about pirates, based on the book "The Three Musketeers" or about the story of Rob Roy - a robber from Scotland at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, who is called the Scottish Robin Hood. But each time Sucker Punch came to the conclusion that feudal Japan with samurai would be the ideal setting for a new game.

The industrial solar water heater system operates on the principle of selective surface absorption. The specially designed surface of the collector absorbs solar radiation and efficiently transfers the heat to the water flowing through the copper tubes. As the hot water, heated by the industrial solar water heater, is less dense, it rises to the insulated storage tank, and an equal volume of cold water replaces it in the copper tubes. With a solar water heater for industrial use, it is possible to achieve temperatures up to a maximum of 95 degrees Celsius. Industries such as Textile, Hospitality, Rubber, and Dairy sectors already utilize boilers for steam generation. The hot water from the solar system can be used as preheated water for these boilers, resulting in significant fuel savings of up to 30% to 40% on daily consumption of conventional fuels like LPG, Diesel, and Firewood.

Technical Specification

Coating properties Absorptive 0.96 + 0.02, Emissivity – 0.18 + 0.05
Fin & Tube Bonding Ultrasonic / Laser welding
Header & Raiser Bonding Brazing
Box-Material Extruded Aluminum sections of 100mm x 25mm x 1.4mm thick with power coating
Retainer Angle for Glass Extruded aluminum key 25mm x 10mm x 1.4mm thick
Glassing Toughened glass, Thickness 4mm with low Iron Transitivity> 86% @ near normal incidence
Gaskets and Grommets High quality EPDM special shaped full Gaskets and Grommets
Beading on glass / Gaskets EPDM rubber
Collector Insulation Fiberglass insulation@ 48Kg/M³ density.
Back & Corner sealing Non-Acidic Silicon sealant through corners and screw joint
Reflector Aluminum foil of 0.1mm thickness
Absorber area 2.0 M2
Collector Size 2030mm x 1030mm x 100mm
Collector area 2.03 M2
Flanges Brass forged and machined flanges of 63 mm dia and 4mm thick with 4 No's. 6 dia holes

Insulated Storage Tank

Inner Tank Material Stainless Steel
Outer Tank Material Aluminum Cladding
Tank Capacity Customized to Customer Requirement
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Stainless Steel
Tank Welding Tig Welding
Filler Material Stainless Steel
Thermal Insulation Rock Wool
Heat Retention 72 hours 


Savings at Glance

Description Calorific Value (kcal/ Kg) Cost of Fuel in Rs Pay Back Period
LPG 10882 61.00 / Kg 16 months
Diesel 10004 37.00 / Lit 24 months
Firewood 3600 3.00 / Kg 30 months





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